ABN Paint Strainer Bag 5 Gallon Paint Filter 40pk - Nylon Mesh for 5 Gal Bucket
Product Information
ABN Paint Strainer Bag 5 Gallon Paint Filter 40pk - Nylon Mesh for 5 Gal Bucket
Product category
Home & Garden > Home Improvement > Building & Hardware > Painting Supplies & Sprayers > Other Home Painting Supplies
Product Properties
Estimated shipping weight
2.23 lb
Actual weight
0.99 lb
Volumetric weight
2.23 lb
Additional Information
Remove particles and paint clumps with the abn 5 gallon bucket strainer bag 40-pack.
It fits 5 gallon buckets and is made of 250 micron nylon.
These painters bag filters are washable to be reused, but since 40 are included you can practically treat as disposable.
Elastic cuff makes the process straightforward - cover your barrel with elastic belt fixed on barrel, pour in liquid to be filtered, then lift 5 gallon strainer bag for liquid flow.
Alternatively use as honey filter, pool skimming sock, or protecting plants.
The mesh allows you to contain growing media and sunlight while filtering water for hydroponics.
This makes plant recovery easy for re-leafing and maturing as bugs can’t get at leaves or lay eggs.
Elastic secures around plant base - optionally fasten clothespin for small plants.
[For 5g Buckets]: ABN Paint Filter Strainer 40-Pack gives you 5 gallon bags suitable for your 5 gallon barrels or buckets [Filter Paint]: Remove particles and paint clumps before using in a sprayer; Cover your barrel with elastic cuff fixed on barrel lip and pour in liquid to be filtered into 5 gallon paint strainer bag [Protect Plants]: For inground or hydroponic uses; Keeps out bugs while being sheering enough to allow sunlight and contain soil; Elastic end on 5 gallon paint filters secures around plant base [Remove Impurities]: 100 mesh per inch to strain all types of liquid; Elastic mouth on 5 gallon mesh paint strainers fits various buckets and cartridge containers for beeswax, honey stieve, pool skimmer [Trusted Quality]: 40 paint strainer bags white fine mesh filters bag inserts; Constructed from 250 micron nylon that is safe, odorless, anti-static, reusable
Last updated at:10/15/2023, 10:17:59 AM
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