Com-four® 10x Large Sealing Clips, Sealing Clips For Grocery Bags & Bags, Stainless Steel Sealing Clips, Bag Clips For Sealing & Keeping Fresh (10 Pieces - Silver Colored - Large)
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Product Information
COM-FOUR® 10x Large Locking Clips, Locking Clips for Food Bags and Bags, Stainless Steel Locking Clips, Bag Clips for Locking and Keeping Food Fresh (10 Pieces - Silver-Colored - Large)
Product category
Home & Garden > Kitchen, Dining & Bar > Kitchen Storage & Organization > Food Storage Bags
Product Properties
10 Stück - Silberfarben - Groß
Additional Information
please check product description from merchants
Last updated at:1/10/2023, 7:05:37 PM
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