HP Pavilion X360 M3-U 13-U Laptop LCD Screen Back Cover Modern Gold 856004-001 Laptop LCD Screen Covers
Product Information
HP Pavilion X360 M3-U 13-U Laptop LCD Screen Back Cover Modern Gold 856004-001 Laptop LCD Screen Covers
Product category
Computers/Tablets & Networking > Computer Components & Parts > Laptop Replacement Parts > Other Laptop Replacement Parts
Additional Information
Hp pavilion x360 m3-u 13-u series laptop modern gold lcd screen back cover 856004-001. part number: 856004-001 compatible part numbers: 46007m090004c28dsma04a300568 compatible models: hp pavilion x360 13-u020ca 13-u165nr 13-u1xx 13t-u000 13t-u100 m3-u003dx m3-u103dx m3-u105dx 13-u103la 13-u110tu 13-u141tu 13-u143tu 13-u001nd 13-u003la 13-u006tu 13-u031tu 13-u033tu 13-u035tu 13-u036tu 13-u038tu 13-u040tu 13-u042tu 13-u044tu 13-u046tu 13-u048tu 13-u051tu 13-u053tu 13-u055tu 13-u057tu 13-u059tu 13-u101tu 13-u101la 13-u102tu 13-u103tu 13-u108tu 13-u111tu 13-u113tu 13-u115tu 13-u118tu 13-u119tu 13-u122tu 13-u123tu 13-u126tu 13-u128tu 13-u130tu 13-u134tu 13-u137tu 13-u139tu 13-u145tu 13-u151tu 13-u153tu 13-u159tu 13-u161tu 13-u163tu 13-u165tu 13-u167tu 13-u168tu 13-u171tu 13-u173tu 13-u174tu 13-u176tu 13-u178tu 13-u179tu 13-u181tu series color: modern gold type: laptop lcd back cover
item condition: new 100% fully guaranteed functional.
No accessories (cables/manuals) included unless otherwise stated in the ad.
Item comes as shown in the listing photos. 30 days for refund or replacement.
Hassle free return policy.
Most orders ship either same day or within 24 hours.
All items are carefully inspected and packaged prior to shipping.
Please check your original part# and match with the part number being ordered.
Most parts are not interchangeable.
Last updated at:1/27/2023, 10:32:12 AM
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