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Photographing Montana: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them/COUNTRYMAN PR/Gordon Sullivan
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<p>after a nasty divorce, sarah mackenzie was struggling with her new life as a single mom.
Until her best friend kidnapped her for a girl's trip to mexico.
Deciding to leave her past behind, sarah opens herself up to having a fun time.
She never intended to have a fling with the hottest man she'd ever met, let alone have her steamy affair with hollywood playboy xander hawkins, graphically plastered all over the news after his ex girlfriend walked in on them with a slew of reporters on her heel.</p> <p>returning home in shame, her life crumbles around her.
She can't move in her own hometown without being harassed by reporters and paparazzi...
Or her ex-husband.
She even lost her job and her son wont even talk to her.
Yet she's never felt freer.
Letting go of her past, she sells her home and moves back to her family farm.
Only to discover that her first love has also returned.
Old feelings are hard to let go of and they all come rising to the fore with the more time that passes.
Sarah’s certain xander’s already forgotten about her and she tries to do the same and move on.</p> <p>when xander finally tracks her down, she can't deny what's in her heart and she's forced to make a choice.
Even as secrets threaten to destroy everything.</p> <p>the boy she loved?
Or the man who stole her heart?</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。
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